The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Today marks the day where gay marriage carries the same legal status as traditional marriage. There is widespread support for this across the political spectrum and even in some C of E churches as this report shows – BBC News: Same-Sex marriage now legal as first couples web.

The Nick Democrat Leader Nick Clegg said, “Britain will be a different place”. This is true but unfortunately not for the better. The value of marriage as defined in the Bible is rapidly becoming irreversibly eroded and we feel this will be to the detriment of society and the numerous negative impacts are often overlooked. Coalition For Marriage is one… Continue reading

The Thames Valley branch of Prophetic Witness Movement International met this Tues 18th March at St. Andrews Baptist Church where the Rev Colin Le Noury gave a talk entitled, “Behind Today’s News”. You can listen to the audio recording of this talk below:

History shows there have been many attempts to destroy God’s chosen people whether we go back to Pharaoh in Egypt or more recently with Hitler in Germany. The fact that the Jew’s still exist as a people group is nothing short of a miracle and amazing evidence for God’s existence! God has made unconditional promises to the Jewish people and although Satan has tried many times to prevent Bible prophecy from being fulfilled, God has kept (and is keeping) every promise! In recent times, as predicted in Scripture, Jews continue to flock back to their homeland of Israel even though her neighbours continue to plan their annihilation.

The Jewish feast… Continue reading

David Cameron has made his first state visit to Israel. He spoke to the Knesset on his first day saying that he has Jewish roots: a great, great grandfather who is thought to have written the first-ever Yiddish novel. He continued with some very encouraging words for the UK by saying “So let me say to you very clearly: with me, you have a British Prime Minister whose belief in Israel is unbreakable and whose commitment to Israel’s security will always be rock solid.” In light of God’s promises to Abraham in Genesis 12:3 it is pleasing and even a relief to hear this from our Prime Minister!

Mr Cameron… Continue reading

If you live in the London area, Colin Le Noury, PWMI‘s General Director, will be speaking at a branch meeting. His talk is titled “Behind Today’s News” so likely to be very informative. This meeting is on Tuesday 18th March at 7.45pm at St Andrews Baptist Church, Shepperton. It is free entry and anyone is welcome.

There are very few UK based ministries that deliver sound Biblical exposition on topics such as prophecy, Israel and current affairs. Prophetic Witness Ministries International (PWMI) are one such ministry. This Christ-centered movement began shortly after the first world war and has continued to provide great commentary on God’s Word ever since.… Continue reading

There are many events described in the Scripture that we find culturally uncomfortable and challenge our understanding of God. Not only does this leave believers with difficult questions, but non-believers use this as justification for not believing in God. Worse still, many pastors skip past these chapters when preaching! The Bible is the complete Word of God, it is a gift to us so we make every effort to try to understand it the best we can.

The slaughter of the Canaanites in the book of Joshua is one of these events. It causes atheists to ridicule Christians and even Christians to shy away from speaking about it. But credit… Continue reading

Testimonies are important, they describe personal experiences that have influenced our decisions and lives. We felt it was important to make our testimonies available so we have put them on video. We both have different paths in coming to Christ and hope you will be blessed on some way by our stories. Steve’s testimony is below and Danny’s will be posted soon. This is also on our Who are we? page.