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David Cameron has made his first state visit to Israel. He spoke to the Knesset on his first day saying that he has Jewish roots: a great, great grandfather who is thought to have written the first-ever Yiddish novel. He continued with some very encouraging words for the UK by saying “So let me say to you very clearly: with me, you have a British Prime Minister whose belief in Israel is unbreakable and whose commitment to Israel’s security will always be rock solid.” In light of God’s promises to Abraham in Genesis 12:3 it is pleasing and even a relief to hear this from our Prime Minister!

Mr Cameron continued covering Iran, saying “There is no rule that says if Israel and the Palestinians make peace, Iran is somehow going to dismantle its despotic regime or abandon its nuclear intentions.” We hope Britain does stand firm on Israel’s right to exist against neighbours that vow to destroy her. He finished his speech with these words “So as I stand here with you and look to the future, my message to you today is simply this: we’ll be with you every step of the way.” Mr Cameron has met with the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas today, we can only hope that he keeps true to his word and does not promote compromise of security in the name of “peace” – this remains to be seen.

You can read the full text of his speech here – Full text of British PM David Cameron’s Knesset speech.

But the first evening of Mr Cameron’s visit turned sour as dozens of rockets where fired into Southern Israel from Gaza – Gaza Terrorists Fire More Than 30 Rockets at Israel, IDF Responds. Rocket’s have been fired from Gaza into Israel since the beginning of the year but this is the largest onslaught since November 2012. As the report says in response to this the IDF has responded targeting the terror infrastructure in Gaza.

The rocket attack does not appear to have any connection with the Prime Minister’s visit to Israel, but we pray it is a wake-up call to our government of the daily reality Israeli’s face on the ground. Peace is something that everyone wants but recognition of Israel’s existence as a Jewish state is one area that should not be up for negotiation!

Will this be the start of something more significant? We will have to wait and see but there is a war coming to the Middle East, it will be against Israel and there will only be one winner – Why Israel?


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