The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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History shows there have been many attempts to destroy God’s chosen people whether we go back to Pharaoh in Egypt or more recently with Hitler in Germany. The fact that the Jew’s still exist as a people group is nothing short of a miracle and amazing evidence for God’s existence! God has made unconditional promises to the Jewish people and although Satan has tried many times to prevent Bible prophecy from being fulfilled, God has kept (and is keeping) every promise! In recent times, as predicted in Scripture, Jews continue to flock back to their homeland of Israel even though her neighbours continue to plan their annihilation.

The Jewish feast of Purim is a great example of God’s protection over His people in ancient Persia. We describe this feast briefly in our article The Biblical Feasts and Jesus Christ – this year it is celebrated on March 15-16. It commemorates Haman’s foiled plot to kill the Jews, after which Mordecai instituted the feast to celebrate deliverance from this attempt to destroy them as a people. This time of year is a great opportunity to read the Book of Ester to recount this dramatic event.

Purim is celebrated in many different ways including the giving of gifts to friends and the poor, the dressing up in costumes and observing feasts and Tanakh readings. You can read more about the feast and how it is celebration on these pages:

Chabad: The Basic Purim Story
Judaism 101: Purim


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