The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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If you live in the London area, Colin Le Noury, PWMI‘s General Director, will be speaking at a branch meeting. His talk is titled “Behind Today’s News” so likely to be very informative. This meeting is on Tuesday 18th March at 7.45pm at St Andrews Baptist Church, Shepperton. It is free entry and anyone is welcome.

There are very few UK based ministries that deliver sound Biblical exposition on topics such as prophecy, Israel and current affairs. Prophetic Witness Ministries International (PWMI) are one such ministry. This Christ-centered movement began shortly after the first world war and has continued to provide great commentary on God’s Word ever since. Prophetic Witness is a Bible prophecy ministry that helps Christians understand the world we live from a Biblical perspective. They produce an excellent monthly magazine containing Bible studies and up-to-date commentary on relevant world events.

For more information on this meeting please comment on this blog or Contact Us directly.


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