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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Silhouettes of a man and an ape, what is your definition of evolution?

What is your definition of evolution? This is a good to ask someone who says they believe in evolution. It is a simple question, but many who do not understand the basics are led to believe a faulty definition that distorts what we observe in favour of the “molecules to man” hypothesis. This is explained in this short video:

We are inundated on TV, radio, newspapers where the definition of Darwinian evolution is promoted but the evidence given ONLY accounts for micro-evolution! This misinformation simply turns people away from God! It is important to correctly understand definitions and implications to be able to identify these fallacies and hopefully challenge others… Continue reading

When Jesus’ ministry began, people started following Him. Jesus taught on many subjects with amazing authority! Initially, the number of followers increased as they knew He was someone special. Jesus claimed to be God and proved His message with amazing miracles. Jesus offended people with His message, many turned against Him, wanting Him dead! His true followers stayed with Him but even they did not understand what was being achieved on the cross. Jesus rose again and defeated death! His followers willing suffered horrendous deaths because of what they witnessed. Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection fulfilled many prophecies to astonishing detail. Jesus paid the price for all our… Continue reading

One’s stance on homosexuality and other sexual orientation is often a divisive and emotive subject, particularly with the legalization of gay marriage in England recently. Everyone has an opinion – some applaud it as progressive while others appear judgmental and hateful.

As Christian’s, we should be grounded in Scripture and not led by societal trends. The media often portrays Christians as being hateful and intolerant which is often untrue. Surely in a tolerant society, it is OK to disagree over what constitutes moral conduct, or is a tolerant society one in which everyone is forced to agree with everyone else about everything?!

The Bible teaches that any sexual activity outside… Continue reading

What IS repentance?

Becoming a Christian is a process where an individual turns in “repentance” to the Lord Jesus Christ. This term “repentance” is frequently used in the Bible and as it defines the process of our salvation, it is critical to understand what it means in its original context:

John did baptize in the wilderness, and preach the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins.

So what does this term mean when used in the Bible? It appears there is confusion about this in our culture.

In the short video clip below, Jacob Prasch teaches us the OT and NT words for repentance and provides the Biblical definition:

The term, “repentance”… Continue reading