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Monthly Archives: July 2014

This weekend we have seen a wave of protests against Israel – we have a question: Why do we NEVER see a protest against Hamas? Worse still, why does the church often jump on the anti-Israel bandwagon instead?!

Before we go any further, let us state that we are NOT suggesting Israel are perfect – there are genuine injustices and grievances that greatly complicate the situation. However, it is astonishing how silent the UK church is about the overtly anti-semitic ambition of Hamas, the shocking way Hamas treats the Palestinians they “govern” and even worse than this, the horrific persecution of Christian’s in the Gaza strip:

With so much dominating the headlines at present, other events are quietly slipping under the radar of the UK media. The situation in both Syria and Iraq is incredibly bleak at present and is now being made significantly worse by the Islamic Group ISIS. In some Iraqi cities, Christian homes (and the homes of others) are being literally marked for extermination or expropriation.

Over 700 Syrians were killed in a single 48 hour period last week and tens of thousands have lost their lives in recent months but there is no outcry to be heard. Yet, Israel responds to months and months of continual rocket fire and the world stands… Continue reading

This situation in Gaza is in turmoil and it seems that at present the Israeli’s are in no mood to leave the job half done. In the last few days, group troops have entered Gaza to take part in missions that are not possible from the air or from distance. Throughout this year, Israel has endured 1000’s of rockets landing in its territory with the aim of murdering the civilian population – now that Israel has finally run out of patience, the world is taking notice.

We can expect many unfair, untrue and hypocritical allegations to be thrown at Israel – this link summarises the current situation in Gaza and… Continue reading

There is no question that the levels of Biblical literacy in Christian circles has dramatically decreased in recent decades. This alarming trend looks set to continue and there are many reasons for this as Kenneth Berding points out in his article – The Crisis of Biblical Illiteracy.

In summary, Berding points to the following reasons for this:

  • Distractions
  • Misplaced Priorities
  • Unwarranted overconfidence
  • The pretext of being too busy

Whilst we completely agree with all of these, we would suggest there are some more factors that compound this. Firstly, there has been an aggressive attack (sometimes from within the church) on the authenticity of the Scriptures – this has led… Continue reading

Operation Protective Edge is now well underway with no end in sight, at least for now. Having rockets fired from Gaza into Israel is nothing new, but as this has intensified Israel has been forced to react to protect their civilians. Live updates on this operation show that over 500 rockets have hit Isreal with over 130 being intercepted in recent days. The IDF (Israel’s Defence Force) has targeted over 1220 terror targets.

Unlike the militants in Gaza, Israel is only targeting the rocket launchers and weapon caches to try to put an end to continual aggression against them. Unfortunately, with any conflict, innocent civilians are inevitably caught up and… Continue reading

We all have a perspective, it gives us a point of view when approaching many subjects. This perspective is driven by our worldview that shapes the way we interpret information.

But if we allow our perspective to dictate what we see, how can we ever know if we are wrong? It takes a humble person to admit they are wrong, especially on a position they have held for sometime, even vigorously. Evidence is key to all our understanding but to honestly interpret any evidence we need to look at it from different perspectives otherwise we will be guilty of only taking one point of view.

Evidence for God and the… Continue reading