The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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Monthly Archives: October 2014

We regularly try to highlight trends that demonstrate the moral condition of the world at present and how these relate to the signs of the “end times”.

This article in Charismanews provides an excellent summary – 15 Signs of the Times Indicating Judgment. It hard to argue with some of the factors that are referred to here – we are really in a desperate state…

Although written for an American audience, most of this is equally relevant for us in the UK. In fact, we could argue that things are worse here – in the UK, there seems to be an even more air of sleepiness and lethargy than… Continue reading

Are you ignoring the RED light?We all know what to do when we come to a red light on the road – we stop! Although we now seem to be entering into a time where people think it really gives them another 3 seconds to continue on! We know that there is danger ahead if we continue, not only for ourselves but we could be a danger to others! Many are now taking more risks, everyone is in so much of a rush everywhere they go that these warning lights are taken less seriously! So what does it take to acknowledge these warning signs?

Society has little time outside of the continual daily routines to… Continue reading

On 14th October Alan Franklin gave a talk entitled The Middle East in Bible Prophecy @ St. Andrews Baptist church, as we blogged about. This informative talk can now be listened to through the player below (77 minutes).

We do not have the slides that went along with the talk but the majority of the talk can be understood without them.

Yesterday the UK Parliament unsurprisingly voted to “recognise” the Palestinian State after a five hour debate in the House of Commons. Whilst this is merely a symbolic vote, it is significant and is one of a steady stream of efforts to apply political pressure on Israel whilst providing support and encouragement for the enemies of Israel.

This is an entirely predictable outcome from those who cannot and see this situation from a Biblical perspective and will continue to apply faulty human logic and fallen morality to a crisis that can ONLY be solved by God. What is worse is that those who busy themselves by intervening in the affairs of… Continue reading

Some time ago, we wrote the article Replacement Theology – Has the Church replaced Israel? in which we outline the Biblical case that God has special plans for the Jews when the “times of the Gentiles” is fulfilled (see Romans 9-11).

What we did not cover in any detail were the effects of replacement theology and how this has contributed to some horrific abuses of the Jews over the centuries. This can still be clearly seen today with much anti-Israel sentiment in the church in the UK.

Dave Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries has written a great article, The Evil of Replacement Theology where he documents historical abuse of… Continue reading

From this evening to the evening of 15th October the feast of Sukkot is celebrated. Also known as the Feast of Tabernacles or Booths and is the day in the Jewish Calendar where there is a transition from the sombre period of Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur into the joyous time. We describe more details in our article The Biblical Feasts and Jesus Christ. This feast provides the climax of the other feasts and Jews were to erect a booth/tabernacle and dwell within it during this period. Haaretz has an interesting article on the history of this feast –
The history of Sukkot, once the most important Jewish holiday… Continue reading

If you live in the Thames Valley area, there is a great talk coming up:

The Middle East in Bible Prophecy
by Alan Franklin
Tuesday 14th October at 7.45pm
@ St Andrew’s Baptist Church, Upper Halliford, Shepperton, TW17 8SE (map)

Alan, who together with his wife Pat, run an online newpaper The Free Press, can you find out a little more about them and books they have authored on their About Us page. This talk is especially topical with events in the last few months. Biblical events are unfolding before our very eyes and Alan will expand on some relevant passages including Psalm 83.

This… Continue reading