The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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We regularly try to highlight trends that demonstrate the moral condition of the world at present and how these relate to the signs of the “end times”.

This article in Charismanews provides an excellent summary – 15 Signs of the Times Indicating Judgment. It hard to argue with some of the factors that are referred to here – we are really in a desperate state…

Although written for an American audience, most of this is equally relevant for us in the UK. In fact, we could argue that things are worse here – in the UK, there seems to be an even more air of sleepiness and lethargy than in the US – particularly within the mainstream church environment.

God responds to genuine repentance and will do all possible to get our attention, but WE have to respond! Do you feel a “tap on the shoulder” from God? Do you sense that things are not OK and that things are spiralling out of control?

The only thing each of us can do is restore our own broken relationship with God and plead with the Lord on behalf of those who do not know Him. Let’s lift our broken nation before the Lord and lift the names of individuals we know before Him in order that He may graciously open eyes to see the truth and salvation available through Him! As the nations continue to defiantly wave their fists at God, the “day of judgment” edges nearer – are you ready?!


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