The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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Monthly Archives: May 2015

We live in an age where millions of people are connected through digital devices. These technologies have numerous good uses but with any media device so powerful they can also be used in a negative way. Simple messages or videos can go viral in a matter of minutes and reach many thousands of people. One recent disturbing challenge has gone viral – Viral ‘Charlie Charlie’ Social Media Challenge Has Kids Trying to Summon Demon With Ancient Ritual.

This challenge encourages people to perform a ritual which is said to summon a Mexican demon named Charlie. Of course many did and this resulted of them posting videos of themselves performing… Continue reading

The blog title could appear to be an endorsement of actions that pollute our world – this is not the case. Let us stress that mankind is commanded to be responsible stewards of our environment both at a local and worldwide level. There is no excuse for polluting and plundering the world of its resources and robbing it of the majestic beauty it was created with. However, the fact remains that we cannot save it – no matter what action we take, the Bible clearly predicts worldwide environmental carnage in the end times. We should do all we can to prevent this and certainly not be either active or passive… Continue reading

Back in February of this year, the Humanist Society of Scotland secured a ban of a Christian book, ‘a fun and friendly guide to moving to secondary school’. It was claimed the book may cause distress to children due to a reference to prayer!

In an amazing display of hypocrisy, it has emerged that the British Humanist Association will be distributing a book, ‘The Young Atheists Handbook – Lessons for Living a Good Life without God’ to every secondary school in Scotland!

The clearly demonstrates that attempts to ban Christian literature from schools have nothing to do with protecting children from religious faith – they are simply trying… Continue reading

There have been reports of weird noises from around the world for some years now that remain unexplained. As you can hear from the footage in this article from the Mail Online these alarming noises are very loud and have been described as trumpets or brass instruments from an orchestra.

The article does list a number of possible theories including tectonic plates grinding and atmospheric pressure, then lastly this one…

The Apocalypse and the Seven Trumpets of Heaven – Seven trumpets are sounded, one at a time, to cue apocalyptic events that were seen in the vision of the Revelation of Christ Jesus, by John of Patmos. Somewhat more worrying… Continue reading

The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland has been the driving force behind a legal case against Ashers Baking Company for refusing to make a cake with a pro-gay marriage slogan. Yesterday a Belfast judge ruled in favour of gay-rights activist Gareth Lee as the BBC Reports.

In the current legal climate, this is no great surprise – the secular world is obsessed with silencing the views of Bible-believing Christians who simply want to follow the convictions of their faith. As usual, they have picked the softest possible target to ensure a cheap token ‘win’ – we can be fairly confident these gay-rights activists would not have the appetite or courage… Continue reading

Is God’s word true? Society is increasingly telling us no, the common theme is that it is full of contradictions and fairy tails – more alarmingly, many Christians appear to have problems accepting some clearly literal passages at face value. The six-day creation is one area that causes much contention with many claiming this does not mean what it says! This short video demonstrates that God’s Word can and should be trusted, even with the creation account…

Britons will go to the polls tomorrow to vote for a new government to guide the UK through the next five years. With the dramatic days we are living through, this is a huge responsibility and something that should be of great interest to every Christian. Unfortunately, the track record of the main parties does not provide much hope that Biblical values will be prominent by any British government for the foreseeable future.

Despite this, it is worth looking at the policies of the political parties on Biblical issues. The Christian Institute have created a really helpful briefing that summarises each parties position on issues that will be on the… Continue reading