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We regularly blog on matters concerning Israel and the situation in the Middle East as it is so pivotal to end time prophecy. Among other things, Israel have frequently been accused of war crimes which is, ironically, usually by those ignoring the attempts of others to destroy them! The interview below is taken from the Bill Maher show featuring Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and provides a great insight into Israel’s predicament and perspective – the following points in particular were convincingly made:

  1. Israel’s wars have to be quick – worldwide condemnation and moral double standards make it impossible for the Israeli’s to completely disarm those who will re-group and attack again.
  2. Militant Islam is a unique threat – in most wars, mass-scale suicide is very unlikely so the possession of nuclear weapon provides a fairly stable truce and therefore peace. Many of the Islamic States are different in that they believe a nuclear conflict could bring out the end of the world which is their goal. Not only that, they openly admit that one of their goals is the complete destruction of Israel. Israel is surrounded by states that want to annihilate them and who also believe that they would be hastening the end of the world in doing so. This is obviously and lethal cocktail of aggression and for this reason, Israel cannot allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapon.
  3. The Isreali PM defended those (like us) who believe end time prophesy is being dramatically fulfilled in these days. Although we agree with Islam that the end times are very near, true Christians will never use violence, war, persecution and militant brainwashing to achieve its ends and Jesus Christ promoted completely different actions. The Christian faith is about a relationship with the Saviour and can only be entered into willingly – never by force. Christians are to use the signs of the end times to ensure they are ready when their Saviour returns and to avoid the deception of false teachers who will try to lead them away. The worst thing the Christian can do is be caught napping when Jesus returns!
  4. Hypocrisy of British government – during the 2nd world war, when rockets were fired on London by the Nazi’s, the British (and American’s) mercilessly bombed Dresden which was of no military or strategic significance and killed over 25,000 innocent civilians in the process. When Israel returns fire to the rocketeers who use human shields, we condemn them and accuse them of war-crimes – this mind-blogging hypocrisy is very disturbing and insulting! Israel has used far more restraint that any western nation would in the same predicament.

Have a listen to the interview:


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