The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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Monthly Archives: July 2015

This week, social media has been dominated by the witch-hunt of a ‘trophy’ hunter who brutally killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe. We cannot begin to understand this industry and fathom why tourists can take such pleasure in the cruel and pointless slaughter of these precious animals.

However, as is often the case, we are astonished at the double standards displayed when stories like this hit the news. It is right that there should be outrage at ‘trophy hunting’ in general as many thousands of animals lose their lives to this abhorrent ‘sport’ each year. Despite this, we fail to see why this particular lion is more valuable than all… Continue reading

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the single most important event in Christianity – without it our faith is worthless. There are many lines of attack the cast doubt on the historicity of this event which is why we felt the need to write an article. In it, we look to counter these claims which we hope can give you confidence that it is reasonable to believe in a literal resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Here is the article – Did the resurrection really happen?

An astonishing aspect of what Jesus did for mankind

When pondering what it cost Jesus to bear our sin, it is impossible to fully understand and grasp the astonishing aspect of what Jesus did for mankind. As a result, we have to admit we are often guilty of having a very limited understanding about this is our ignorance and only seeing this from our distorted earthly perspective – we believe there is far more to this than we can ever presently imagine.

The gospels indicate that Jesus willingly left aside His position with the Father in heaven to come to earth to become fully human. During this time, He chose to lay aside some of His divine attributes such… Continue reading

From time to time, we ALL need a little perspective! This recent time-lapse footage (see below) from the International Space Station helps to provide that.

Watching this footage, we can’t help but be struck by this amazing planet we call earth and the staggering beauty of its terrestial surroundings – surely it’s impossible for us to be randomly floating through space without any purpose, any creator, or any direction on a big lump of rock due to an explosion billions of years ago?! Think about all the life that is delicately sustained on this rotating planet – surely there is some kind of ‘force’ holding everything together? Think about it… Continue reading

Over the last year or so, reports of a Christian exodus across parts of the Middle East have been common as IS attempts to brutally and systematically eradicate Christianity, which they are calling “War of the cross”. However, history shows that the gospel of Jesus Christ can never be defeated and paradoxically, the more faith in Jesus Christ is attacked, the more it grows!

It is, therefore, encouraging to hear the views of Rev Sami Dagher who has displayed amazing courage to set up many churches across the Middle East despite the grave dangers. When Sami was recently in the UK with Samaritan’s Purse, he pointed out “We also have… Continue reading

Waving a Rainbow Flag?

It is increasingly obvious that the mainstream church simply adjusts it ‘position’ on moral and ethical issues depending on the changeable trends of the surrounding culture while going to extraordinary lengths to ‘explain away’ any problematic Bible passages. There is no better example than the Christian’s who are proudly waving a rainbow flag in support of same sex ‘marriage’.

This excellent article poses 40 questions for Christians who are displaying rainbow flags – this is a sobering read and provides a clear insight into where society is going to head in coming years. If your church has thrown its support behind same-sex ‘marriage’, there is no Biblical basis to object… Continue reading

At present, the marriage debate is a hot topic with the recent SCOTUS ruling in America. This has led to many conversations about the ‘right’ to marry, some of which, especially on social media, can turn quite heated!

As Christians it is important to allow God and His Word to be the final authority in our exchanges and maintaining a loving, compassionate and graceful manner is vital whatever the reaction of others. There are many different questions around this issue and we don’t need to know all the answers but to have a basic understanding of the arguments and a good understanding of Scripture can help to stay calm… Continue reading