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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Bewildering statement by the Pope?

The Pope is currently engaged in a high profile visit to the New York where among other appearances, he has addressed the United Nations and attended a multi-faith service. During this trip, he has made some rather baffling statements – worst of all, when speaking at St Patrick’s Cathedral, New York he is quoted as saying, “Jesus Christ and His life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, the failure of the cross”. This is a bewildering statement by the Pope, especially as there was no mention of the resurrection or that fact that Jesus WILLINGLY went to the cross to redeem humanity – this was no failure, it was the… Continue reading

The ‘migrant’ crisis that presently dominates our TV screens is developing a new angle every day and will certainly affect us in the UK very soon as is the case across Europe. We have recently commented on what is happening with this and maintain that it is our Christian duty to show compassion, forgiveness and care for anyone in need when our paths meet. Jesus’ clear instructions to ‘love thy neighbour’ were almost exclusively to be applied on a personal level and it is our duty to live this out.

However, from the perspective of Bible prophecy, is this ‘migrant’ crisis significant in any way? Pastor Bill Randles believes it… Continue reading

The rapture is an event that is clearly predicted in the Bible where the Lord Jesus will literally ‘snatch’ His followers from earth preceding the ‘day of the Lord’ where God’s judgment will fall on an openly rebellious and evil generation. Although it is often met with confusion and/or derision in ‘Christian’ circles, we firmly believe the rapture will occur as a real-life, literal event (as the texts plainly describe) and we feel it is most likely to occur before Daniel’s 70th week and certainly before the ‘Great Tribulation’.

This post is written for you if millions of Christians have disappeared from the face of the planet without a trace.… Continue reading

Love wins with Audacity movie!Homosexuality and gay marriage are topics many Christians are afraid to discuss as they can often provoke emotionally loaded ‘debates’! Society is full of misconceptions and misunderstandings on this issue and usually not interested in hearing what the Bible has to say. The words “hate” and “bigot” are often thrown around that make any rational discussions virtually impossible, with many “Christians” who don’t understand scripture often making matters worse by ridiculing the gay community.

“Love wins” is a popular slogan used to promote homosexuality and gay marriage as it appears to promote equality and pulls at our emotions with many finding it difficult to respond. But this applies to Christians… Continue reading

The Migrant Crisis - boat on a map

Our TV screens have been deluged this last week with graphic reports and heartbreaking images of families attempting make European countries their home whilst leaving their homelands which are often places of conflict. This has left many trying to answer hard questions of how best to respond from a Christian perspective. Whilst attempting to avoid some of the emotional sensationalism that pervades much of the media we attempt to offer some observations:

  1. The Bible is absolutely clear that it is every Christian’s responsibility to welcome the homeless, poor and destitute. However, almost every instance where Jesus teaches this, it is to have a personal practical application – what we usually… Continue reading
Menorah, star of David, and Scripture

There always seems to be some controversy surrounding the Jews, this is nothing new, it started thousands of years ago and will continue until the return on the Lord. With the growth of anti-Semitism in our society we seem to either be heading for a third world war or another holocaust, maybe both!

There is a mystery concerning the Jewish people – for such a small group of people they certainly get a fair share of attention so it is important to understand why. They have a history like no other, from experiencing divine revelation to over 2500 years of relentless persecution. Yet, the Jews still exist today, surviving through… Continue reading