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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Is the Bible corrupted and unreliable?

One of the most common objections against Christianity is to say that the Bible has been corrupted or not reliable. It’s an easy excuse for many who don’t even want to investigate further. Christians often have challenging conversations with people who simply don’t want to know about any evidence. But for those who are interested the evidence is overwhelming, this means it’s important Christians understand what there is and how to answer challenging questions around the Bible reliability.

Discoveries that support the Biblical historicity continue to be reported but there already is mountains of evidence ranging from archaeology to fulfilled prophecy that supports both the Old and New Testaments. These… Continue reading

How can an atheist make sense of the Paris atrocities?As the atrocities that recently happened in Paris still very fresh in our minds it causes us to question why something like this can happen. Everyone’s worldview has to reason with this reality as there is no denying that evil was clearly present in Paris. However, this poses a particular problem for atheists whose worldview doesn’t have an objective moral standard!

Former French atheist, Guillaume Bignon, points this out in a Premier Christianity blog – French ex-atheist: only God can make sense of the evil in Paris. Guillaume makes many good points that we believe society, in general, is ignoring as we continue to shut the door to God.… Continue reading

Dark clouds ahead, September and October 2015 - an assessment

In Bible Prophecy circles, there was much hype and anticipation in the lead up to this period due to events such as the Shemitah and the final blood moon of the tetrad. Whilst we stressed that it was foolish to make specific predictions, we advised Christians to keep an eye on world events during this period – looking back, have we learned anything in relation to Bible prophecy?

We would argue that recent months have been very significant and that there has been an undeniable acceleration of end time indicators:

  1. It was said that the tetrad of blood moons pointed to ominous times for Israel – it is impossible to… Continue reading

Mulberry’s tongue-on-cheek Christmas advert replaces Jesus Christ with a handbag. You can watch this yourself to form your own opinions but as the Western world becomes more secular each day should this surprise us?

The target audience for Mulberry products is clearly different from the average household, the majority cannot justify spending £900 on a bag (if anyone even can!), so how should we react?

As you would expect there are different reactions from Christian groups as the Premier article covers, including using it as a opportunity. Certainly, opportunities can be fashioned out of almost anything, especially at Christmas time, so our reaction should be speaking truthfully about the… Continue reading