The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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Monthly Archives: May 2016

United Nations entrance Geneva, Switzerland

In recent times, the UN has sunk to new depths in their demonization of Israel by passing two new resolutions – they are both so absurd, it’s difficult to know how to comment.

Two months ago, Israel was singled at for women’s rights violations. Surrounded by countries that have discriminatory laws that marginalize women and where ‘honour-killings’ are common, the UN singled out Israel as top women’s rights violator – no mention at all was made of the many other countries that have a deplorable record when it comes to women’s rights.

If that wasn’t enough, another UN resolution was passed last week that singled Israel out as the… Continue reading

'End of the world' shock claim!

The Express, a UK daily newspaper, recently published an article about the ‘End of the World’. This was following a YouTube video posted by Pastor Paul Begley concerning huge lightning blots that killed at least 80 people in India – ‘END OF THE WORLD’ – Shock claim as huge lightning bolts kill at least 80 people.

We are pleasantly surprised the Express went with this article because it clearly contains a warning about Jesus Christ’s return. In the opening paragraph they say, “Pastor Paul Begley, of the Community Gospel Baptist Church in Knox, Indiana, has released an apocalyptical YouTube plea to the world to prepare for its final days… Continue reading

View from outside of the Eastern GateMany of those who have visited Jerusalem will have seen the Eastern Gate to the Old City – this happens to be the only gate into the old city that is bricked up and it is the only gate that leads directly onto the Temple Mount. The Bible contains hundreds of prophetic passages detailing future events – some are very clear, some are a little obscure, some have already been fulfilled with spectacular accuracy, others await fulfilment. For us, these prophetic passages provide the strongest authentication that the Bible is indeed a message from our Creator God that affects all mankind. This gate also happens to be the subject of… Continue reading

New London mayor - Sadiq KhanOut with Boris Johnson and in with London’s new mayor, Sadiq Khan. Much has been said of him being the first Muslim as London mayor, but this shouldn’t make a difference for such a diverse city where Londoner’s have the freedom of expression. Even with Sadiq’s alleged connections with Islamic extremists he remained the favourite for the position throughout the campaign – the voting poles proved to be correct and Sadiq is now at the helm.

The recent reports of Antisemitism within the Labour Party could have been a thorn in Sadiq’s campaign but he managed to distance himself enough for the majority to see him as the right man… Continue reading