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WOW! Those in the UK and many abroad are still reeling in shock as the Leave campaign won the EU Referendum with 51.9% of the votes in a truly historic day. Finally, we can put the campaign circus that has dominated our media behind us as this has often been unseemly and embarrassing and has done much harm to British politics. Despite this, the public has spoken with 1,269,501 million more people voting for Brexit. The nation appears to be in shock (with an element of hysteria) as reaction and speculation dominate our news and social media!

We need to let the dust settle as things are changing quickly in the fallout: David Cameron has resigned, Labour MP’s are planning a no-confidence motion for Corbyn and Scotland will almost certainly declare another independence referendum. On top of that, the financial world is naturally very jittery with markets and currencies chaotic and the UK’s credit rating outlook is downgraded to “negative”. There is a tangible uncertainty and nervousness which is entirely natural as this result was a genuine shock for everyone and time is needed to process events. A new Prime Minister has to be elected who will have the complicated task of working through our separation from the EU.

Social media often brings out the worst in people, but even by its normal standards, it has truly been a cesspit since the result. We have been stunned by the wild hysteria and blame generated by those on the losing side of the EU vote. We’ve seen demands for another referendum (naturally involving the moving of goal-posts slightly to edge the vote). Are we supposed to keep re-voting until we get the ‘right’ result? We’ve seen implications that the old and uneducated have ‘let down’ the young and educated. How patronising and insulting! Shouldn’t a vote include the ‘old’ and ‘uneducated’? Remember, many of our grandparents suffered in ways unimaginable to us which set the foundation for the democracy we enjoy! They have every right to vote as they see fit. Not to mention the ridiculous notion that everyone who voted ‘out’ is racist and anti-immigrant. We’re bewildered by a generation that acts like ungrateful spoilt children whenever something doesn’t go their way and will only play nicely when the outcome suits.

We believe our prayers have been answered as we were keen to reject an identity or affiliation with the EU. For many reasons, including the possible David Noakes’ prophecy many Christians were praying for the Leave vote to win. We believe that God does answer our prayers in many different ways and His hand was at work during this vote – it’s possible the severe flooding we witnessed on Thursday was an “Act of God” but we cannot be sure, but it was a strange day and has to be a possibility!

For now, we are thankful (and a little surprised) by the outcome of the referendum and watch in anticipation at this pivotal period in our nation’s history. A level-headed Biblical perspective is always vital whenever historic events occur to find out if/how they could align with any end time scenarios. We don’t fully know how significant Brexit will prove to be as the shock waves and ripple effects work their way further afield, but Bill Salus looks at one possibility – BREXIT: The Biblical Perspective for the UK, US and EU. We need to continue praying: pray for God’s mercy and protection on us now as many complex decisions have to be made. Pray that a new government can be formed with strong leadership that can tackle the tough challenges openly and fairly. As a nation, we would also pray that this may be a catalyst for a time of national repentance. Momentous events are always a good time for reflection – maybe this is an opportunity for the people of the UK to look upwards for guidance and hope as opposed to an ungodly and failing bureaucratic institution. Let’s earnestly pray for a move back towards God!

Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you. And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:12-13)


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