The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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Yearly Archives: 2016

What are evolutionists afraid of?The vast majority of the Western world blindly accepts evolution as “a fact” – although the term ‘evolution’ is so broad, people still accept it as a satisfactory reason to replace the possible existence of God. Evidence should always be sought after when accepting any claim but evolution appears to receive a special privilege where evidence is not required, as society longs for anything to remove God’s existence from their lives. Evolutionists themselves constantly push for the removal any reference to ‘creationism’ in our society. Why is this the case? What are evolutionists afraid of?

If the evidence for Darwinian evolution is so clear and proven then surely it can… Continue reading

At the beginning of 2015 we blogged about the rise of radical Islam in Britain and referenced this with an article by Gatestone Institute which looked back at 2014 demonstrating how Islam is on the rise within our country.

We have seen Islamic ideology terrorizing parts of the Middle East and now rapidly heading through Europe, but it’s still shocking to see how much our country is becoming more Islamic without the majority of us being aware!

The Gatestone Institute have written another article – The Islamization of Britain in 2015. It shows Britain has the 3rd largest Muslim population in Europe with around 5.5%:

The Muslim population of… Continue reading

'Super-bugs' - evolution before our very eyes?Many will be alarmed by reports of ‘super-bugs’ that are said to be completely resistant to antibiotics. Recent reports indicate we may be reaching a point where some infections are impossible to treat, leaving doctors with very little they can offer infected patients.

Dr Carl Wieland knows all about this topic and this is not only because he was a medical doctor – but he also endured five and a half months in hospital due to a very serious road accident and has gone through more than fifty operations. He also has first-hand experience of ‘super-bugs’ having suffered a ‘super-bug’ infection whilst in hospital – therefore he can be considered… Continue reading