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The Peculiar Alliance between the far-left and Islam

If you look at the culture within the UK, you could say there are two powerful forces that have been on the rise in recent years that have a great influence on life: the far-left and Islam. On paper, these two worldviews are so diametrically opposed to each other that it’s virtually impossible to find any common ground. However, in this blog, Dave Reagan points out that it is what they are both opposed to that is a more powerful force than what their differences are – both camps are so blinded by their ‘common hatred of Christianity’ (which is commonly mistaken for the far-right) that they overlook their incredible incompatibility with each other. How else could you explain the way the liberal left (who overtly promote LGBT interests and pursue radical feminism) often rush to defend Islam (a religion that executes gays in some countries and is responsible for some of the most oppressive treatment of women in the world)?

This mind-boggling alliance makes for very interesting observation – we’ve often wondered what would happen if they both got their wish and Biblical Christianity was eliminated from society. It is not too far-fetched, given the current trends, for the true gospel to be criminalized (on contrived grounds of intolerance and offence) and replaced with a wishy-washy counterfeit, devoid of truth and power – many mainstream denominations are already a long way down this path.
If this were to happen, this would remove the common enemy from the perspective of the far-left and Islam which would leave them with the removal of this common goal. They would then be nothing to stop them from focusing on their own extreme differences – which of the two would prevail?

We honestly don’t know the answer to this and a strong case could be made for both but we sincerely hope we never find out – the Christian faith faces severe attack from these two fronts as both hate the Biblical Jesus and will do all they can to remove His name from the public sphere.

The UK is currently on a cultural roller-coaster as it struggles to find any meaningful identity. Social polarization is being carefully orchestrated by the media to ensure wide divisions within different groups. We see some kind of cultural implosion around the corner which will do untold harm. As believers observe the removal of every God-given moral standard, we will witness a terrifying collapse in the fabric of society – there has never been a time where clinging onto the Lord Jesus Christ is more important.

Note: we acknowledge the rise of the far-right at present times, which is equally contrary to Biblical Christianity – however, this movement is nowhere near as powerful and mainstream as the far-left and Islam and does not enjoy any kind of mass sympathy from the media.


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