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As the UK prepares for a General Election, it is difficult to escape the sense of fatigue and even paralysis with politics among the electorate. In the aftermath of the Brexit Referendum with the skullduggery and sleight-of-hand from politicians before and after the vote, many people are simply shrugging their shoulders at the prospect of being asked to attend the voting booths again – others will no doubt use their vote to vent anger. Candidates are making promises which are impossible to deliver, they often concentrate more on demonising each other than articulating what they stand for and almost all ‘facts’ are taken with a pinch of salt by the… Continue reading

It is rare that the second coming of Jesus Christ is mentioned in churches so we were amazed to hear it during a BBC Breakfast TV slot!

This is thanks to the D-Day veteran Harry Billinge who directed a message to the young people today on understanding the history and the lessons learnt. Harry spoke about King George VI having a Day of Prayer but knowing its importance said we should have a Month of Prayer as we have so much to thank God for! He also spoke about love connecting it to Jesus Christ coming back…

“We’ve been stupid. We’re so clever we can blow one another up…but we… Continue reading

Steve was asked to preach at St Andrew’s Baptist Church on 3rd November. His sermon titled Psalm 143 – A Morning Prayer draws parallels from the crisis David was in to what we experience personally and see in the world around us. The Psalm provides examples of what we can do in times of distress and also includes a great morning prayer that we can use to start each day focusing on our Lord Almighty.

A Morning Prayer:

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.… Continue reading

We are living in days that are unprecedented when considering the increased censorship of free speech in the western world. For the last few years, the climate of open discourse has changed dramatically with the legislation over ‘hate speech’, political correctness promoting so-called ‘tolerance’ and the marginalisation or de-platforming of anyone deemed to question the majority view. The whole concept of free speech is under threat as our authorities seem more interested in policing what we think than what we actually do. As a result, our police often shrug their shoulders at real crime as resources are re-directed towards the promotion of the accepted social narrative and the frenzied suppression… Continue reading

In the Bible, there are two geopolitical events that are very significant to end-time prophecy:

  1. the regathering of the Jews and statehood of Israel
  2. the revival of the old Roman empire

The amazing thing about the times we are living is that the stage is clearly being set for the fulfilment of both of these events.

The regathering of the Jews is not the topic of this blog – instead, we would like to briefly explore the revival of the Roman empire and whether Brexit is relevant in any way.

The book of Daniel is where we find references to the end-time empire that we believe (at least partially) relates… Continue reading

We often blog on the growing intolerance shown to anyone who questions the social-engineering program that is currently underway in the UK. Recently, we shared some details of proposals put forward by the Scottish government to promote the notion that ‘gender’ is a choice rather than a biological fact – if this was not alarming enough, this is being aimed at 5-year-old children in the classroom.

This agenda is being further stepped up now with the police being asked to muscle in against anyone labelled as a ‘bigot’! David Robertson has written a blog – The ‘Hate’ Police are Now Here – with photos of adverts that have been popping… Continue reading

By any measure, there have been enormous changes in thinking sweeping across society over the last few years, leaving many uneasy with the pace and scale of the change. Worryingly for some, most of these changes are leading to every firm pillar of Biblical morality being swept from underneath an entire generation. Whether it’s the sanctity of life, sexual conduct/attitudes, the definition of marriage or gender identity, the sheer aggression and intolerance that accompanies these changes is the most disturbing feature – especially as it’s the youngest in society who are now being targeted, primarily through the education system. While children should be enjoying times of innocence, nurture and exploration,… Continue reading

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