The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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This is the final part of the Science and the Bible blogs. Part 1 shows that planet Earth is a special place and Part 2 shows abundant evidence that the human body could not have evolved through natural laws.

We are living in a time where freedom within the scientific community is being eroded. Ideally, the scientific environment should facilitate the freedom to follow evidence and pursue discovery wherever it leads. But when the origin of life is the topic, any view outside of Darwinian evolution draws irrational criticism. This is rarely a respectful disagreement, but usually includes unjustified vicious comments and smear campaigns where the professional integrity of those… Continue reading

In Part 1 we looked at the Earth and Universe, now we will turn our attention to the human body.

It is vital to calmly evaluate the evidence whenever any scientific claim is made. Information is often fed to us through the media that can direct our thinking or form opinion without necessarily giving us all the facts needed to make unbiased or fair conclusions. We observe huge diversity and immense complexity when we examine the workings of the human body. Most of the mainstream media, and “popular” scientists, will tell us that “molecules-to-man” evolution provides the explanation for the origin of human life. For us to make an informed… Continue reading

It’s either the Bible OR Science – this is the view of many atheistic scientists. “Science is not compatible with the Bible” is an often touted phrase to persuade people that Bible believing Christians are ignoring basic observational science. This is simply inaccurate – the findings of observable, testable and repeatable experiments cannot be often disputed where the evidence is clear, which Christian’s would not deny anyway. It is in the field of historical science and the study of origins where the disagreements arise, as assumptions are made and these assumptions are primarily based on the observers worldview! This is the first of three blogs that cover the… Continue reading

Sometimes we fail to take the time to contemplate the astounding complexity in the world around us. To think that human life evolved by random, unguided processes stretches the boundaries of intellectual thought. To hold the view that the theory of evolution explains the awesome universe we live in seems a convenient escape from being accountable to God.

Here is a very simple way to look at the complexity of a flower:

I’m thinking of making a rose. I’m going to do it from nothing…like in the beginning. I will need to make a seed that has programed DNA that would tell it to produce tap roots that would, of… Continue reading