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Jacob Prasch

In the UK, there are many churches that would describe themselves at Calvinist – in other words, they claim to be in agreement with the theological teaching of reformer John Calvin. The term, “Calvinist” has always seemed a rather strange way for a Christian to identify themselves in our opinion – why would a church or an individual align themselves with any individual other than Jesus Christ? Like many other forms of modern Bible interpretation, its weakness is that it interprets the Bible from a western humanistic worldview – hence it is heavily influenced by a Greek thinking theologian/philosopher like Augustine and misses the Hebrew/Jewish context the text was originally… Continue reading

What IS repentance?

Becoming a Christian is a process where an individual turns in “repentance” to the Lord Jesus Christ. This term “repentance” is frequently used in the Bible and as it defines the process of our salvation, it is critical to understand what it means in its original context:

John did baptize in the wilderness, and preach the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins.

So what does this term mean when used in the Bible? It appears there is confusion about this in our culture.

In the short video clip below, Jacob Prasch teaches us the OT and NT words for repentance and provides the Biblical definition:

The term, “repentance”… Continue reading

Psalm 23 is a well-known and often quoted Psalm – its famous words are used for strengthening in times when we need reassurance the most. When the Hebrew words used in this Psalm are explored and understood further, it takes on a new powerful meaning. In this video, Jacob Prasch teaches directly from the Hebrew to help us understand how amazing this Psalm is.

We have also added this video to our Jacob Prasch teachings page.