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With so much dominating the headlines at present, other events are quietly slipping under the radar of the UK media. The situation in both Syria and Iraq is incredibly bleak at present and is now being made significantly worse by the Islamic Group ISIS. In some Iraqi cities, Christian homes (and the homes of others) are being literally marked for extermination or expropriation.

Over 700 Syrians were killed in a single 48 hour period last week and tens of thousands have lost their lives in recent months but there is no outcry to be heard. Yet, Israel responds to months and months of continual rocket fire and the world stands up and takes notice.

Breitbart News Network report – Over 700 Syrians were killed last week. But the Jews didn’t do it, so the media doesn’t care.

On the whole, Christian persecution does not make great news – Tim Stanley, a columnist in the Telegraph, summed it up quite well – Iraqi Christians are raped, killed and driven from their homes – and the West is silent.

It is vital to spread the news of the desperate plight of Christian’s in places like Iraq and Syria while the world looks the other way. Let’s pray for these precious brothers and sister in Christ – may they be richly rewarded when they meet the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ face to face!


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