The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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Are you ready for the Coming King?

How do you make sense of this crazy world?! Things are spiralling towards a terrifying climax, but we believe someone is coming to resolve the world’s problems – are you ready for the Coming King?

What is life all about? Why is the world so full of suffering? What happens when you die? There is clear evidence that shows God does exist and wants a relationship with you – click to read about the evidence!

What is your response to the prospect of the arrival of the Coming King? Watching this video would be a good start…

Is the world a peaceful place?

News reports are constantly telling us about wars, terrorism, disease, fierce storms. Can you see this getting any better? The Bible is very clear about these days we are living in and the signs we have been told to watch for, God wants us to be ready!

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ said he is the only way into heaven – that is an amazing claim! Jesus also made other staggering claims that are either true or false. These claims cannot be ignored as they affect everyone one of us – requiring us to either accept or reject them!

Are you a good person?

God’s standards are high, His definition is moral perfection! We cannot live up to this standard; lying, hatred, stealing, pride, envy, blasphemy are just some sins that we are guilty of and just being guilty of one prevent us from entering Heaven! Judgment Day is a reality, Jesus Christ will be our judge. Jesus Christ paid the price for our sins on the cross!

The Holy Bible

A common objection against Christianity is to say the Bible is corrupt. Many accept this too easily without even investigating further. Those honestly searching for the meaning of life should make time to examine the evidence.

The Church is Lost

You would expect to go to church and hear a solid gospel message, with God’s Word being clearly taught – this is not the case! Many churches in the UK are diluting God’s Word to make it more socially acceptable and resorting to “entertainment” in an attempt to attract people in. Hell is not taught in case it offends anyone and Bible prophecy, which is so relevant to us today, is ignored. It’s time the UK church wakes up!

Why is evolution such an issue?

The theory of evolution is promoted as a “proven fact” – but have you taken time to look at the evidence? Are you aware that there are different definitions which are often misused to promote certain views? Many have been lead to believe that the Bible and Science are not compatible, but once we take time to look into the evidence we find that they are very much in harmony!

The Rapture

The timing of the rapture causes much debate! What we do know is that the rapture will happen. This miraculous event will cause shock-waves throughout the world. If you miss the rapture you need to be prepared for what will be happening in the world!

Middle East – the boiling pot

Events in the Middle East dominate our news daily – why is this area such a boiling pot? These are all lands surrounding Israel, is there something special about this tiny land of Israel? Israel is mentioned over 2000 times in the Bible, Jerusalem over 750 and is described as God’s prophetic clock. Many future prophecies are centered on Israel, with events escalating now we need to understand what is happening!

So what now? Are you currently thinking about your next holiday or your retirement plan – what about eternity? 150,000 people die every day, no one but God know’s when our final day here will be. Be sure of your salvation today! There is no middle ground, it’s heaven or hell! Be ready for the coming King?

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