The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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We are both Bible believing followers of Jesus Christ who live in and attend church in London. We are very conscience of our own fallen and fallible condition and as such it is NOT our intention to “judge” others. Instead, we wish to lovingly point our visitors to the truths in Scripture. We fully uphold the authority of The Bible on all matters and as a result, this website has three primary missions:

1. Reach the lost

This should be the primary motivation of every believer to share the good news of Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches that everyone will appear before God on judgment day. Most people are either unaware or uninterested in this truth, despite the implications this will have for their eternal destiny. We therefore desire to lead people to accepting Jesus Christ as Saviour as the Bible clearly teaches this is the ONLY way to everlasting life.

2. Warn the Church

It appears to us that the large parts of the mainstream denominational church has compromised on the importance of recognizing and repenting for our sins and replaced this with a works based “social gospel” message where we endeavor to simply imitate Christ. Of course, it is great to imitate Christ, but this will not save us on judgment day! It is being “In Christ” that saves us and for this we have to admit our guilt and trust in His saving work on the cross and His resurrection, thereby defeating death and sin. This message is often seen as offensive and unpopular and is rarely faithfully preached from church pulpits within all denominations. Instead, people attend church for moral guidance, meaningless ritual and/or entertainment!

In addition to this, it seems that large sections of Christendom have moved away from the plain teaching of the Bible and replaced this with a diluted message of salvation which results in using Scripture as allegory, tradition or not preaching the gospel at all. We believe the Bible says what it means and means what it says! If we undermine the authority and relevance of Scripture, our faith has no reference point. Scripture contains numerous passages exhorting the church to be on guard against false doctrine and that a departure from sound doctrine would be a particular feature of mainstream churches in the last days.

3. To point to signs that Christ’s second coming is imminent

Scripture clearly warns us against attempting to predict the date of Christ’s second coming. However, we are also given clear descriptions of the signs or “birth pangs” leading up to His coming and told to be ready, alert and in a state of expectation. Discerning these signs is NOT date setting! Some will say that every generation has believed its will be the last – and this is true – but there are many signs that are unique and exclusive to the times we are living in now. The mainstream church is largely silent on this issue which we consider a disservice to Christ and faithful believers. We believe that looking at these signs (as clearly predicted in Scripture) can only galvanize and motivate believers to holy living and encourage them to appeal to the unsaved, as time may be short! This principle of imminency is displayed in many New Testament writings and this urgency, we feel, is generally not apparent in the majority of denominational churches across the UK. Not only this, but many non-Christians are asking good questions about the times we are living in which the churches are simply NOT answering!

We believe the world is awash with topical events that make clear that time is running out and we humbly aim to direct believers and non-believers alike to study Scripture themselves and ultimately to trust in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Our aim is to blog about events we feel are relevant to Bible prophecy and to clarify related stories covered in the media that are often misleading. We do not feel qualified for this task but we do have a strong urge to reach the lost and inspire the saved! We welcome questions and suggestions, so please contact us if you wish.

Here we are in Israel on Mount Carmel, Danny (on the left) and Steve, overlooking the Valley of Jezreel:
About us, photo of us in Israel on Mount Carmel

Our Testimonies

We have put our testimonies on video for anyone to hear why we became Christians and our reasons for believing in the Bible.