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When chatting with people about religious belief, many indicate that they are Christian – we obviously include ourselves here!

Sean Kehoe has written an online book that explores what a Christian is (according to the words of Jesus Christ) and it really acts as a checklist for any believer. For an online book, its format is easy to follow with chapter headings that can be selected and chapters that are mostly a digestible size.

We recommend this online book for anyone who considers themselves to be a Christian – what harm can there be in checking our faith against the definitions and criteria set by Jesus Christ? Where our eternal destiny in concerned, with the stakes being so high, it must be a sign of spiritual health to assess our faith? If we profess to follow our wonderful Saviour Jesus Christ, we should regularly examine the words of our Lord at face value to make sure we are consistent with the faith we profess.

Sean’s book is available to read online or freely download as a PDF – How to become a Christian.


2 Responses to How to become a Christian – Sean Kehoe

  • To Sean Kehoe,

    My name is Mario Perez, Im a christian from Madrid Spain with two children and working as a lawyer in the legal field.

    As you I was born in 1974 and was brought up in the Roman Catholic church until I was 19. However, in my first year of university I began to study the Bible for the first time, with the help of other Christians from the International Church of Christ.

    I became a Christian on december 2020 in the International Church of Christ but my family and I leave the church 5 years ago…

    I do house church with family and friends and Im in contact with Beresford and I have read so many books that you recommended in your web from Tim Lahaye, Prince, Missler an others before find it your web.

    I m totally agree with your convictions and studies in your web site and the people and ministries that you recommended it are the same get information from.

    I also have a christian web site in spanish

    My only goal is to tell the truth about the Bible and always open to correction and learning.

    Its true that There are lots of false teachers and teaching out there mainly in spanish and i t

    Please pray for us because Spain is a very secular country that God open the doors for the Gospel…

    Hope that we can be in touch

    You brother in Christ


    • Hi Mario, thanks for reaching out and your comment. We will pray the Lord will to open up opportunities for you to share the gospel in Spain.

      By the way, we are not Sean, we were simply recommending his books. You can find out more about us here –

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