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Anyone would think Stephen Fry thrives on belittling belief in God as we have covered previously when he answers the question What should we think about death? So how do you think Stephen would answer the question of what he would say to God if he faces Him after death? Well, you can watch his surprising answer below in a recent interview:

Even the interviewer seemed stunned as he brazenly accuses God of being capricious and stupid and that he would ask God, ‘How dare you?’ when referring to the existence of evil in the world.

There are a few thoughts that leap out from this clip:

  1. What basis does Stephen Fry have to declare God actions as ‘evil’? Who sets the moral barometer to which Stephen believes he can judge God?!
  2. Why does Stephen Fry appear to have such an emotive response to someone he doesn’t even believe exists? If, after a lifetime of professing atheism, you found out you were totally wrong, we would imagine a more humble and muted response would be appropriate as opposed to throwing a heap of insults and a character assassination against someone you denied existed!
  3. What is it about the pagan Greek gods Stephen Fry finds more attractive? It seems bizarre that he suggests he would not be so angry if he discovered the Greek gods existed (even though they engaged in murder and rape!). Why is it only the Judeo-Christian God he has a problem with?

As Tim Stanley says in the The Telegraph, does Stephen Fry think he is the only person in the 2,000 years since Christ who has raised the issue of ‘suffering’? This is nothing new at all – the same tired old arguments that the Bible itself deals with perfectly well. We have written an article on the existence of suffering – Why Does God Allow Suffering? – maybe Stephen should have a read!


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