The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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From time to time, we ALL need a little perspective! This recent time-lapse footage (see below) from the International Space Station helps to provide that.

Watching this footage, we can’t help but be struck by this amazing planet we call earth and the staggering beauty of its terrestial surroundings – surely it’s impossible for us to be randomly floating through space without any purpose, any creator, or any direction on a big lump of rock due to an explosion billions of years ago?! Think about all the life that is delicately sustained on this rotating planet – surely there is some kind of ‘force’ holding everything together? Think about it – we have the intelligence and capabilities to send satellites into space to take this amazing footage – we have the creativity to write the beautiful music that accompanies it in this clip. Yet, our planet and the life sustains on its surface is infinitely more complex in comparison! Surely it’s inconceivable that creatures who can create so much were not themselves created by something more intelligent, more beautiful, more powerful?

When we step into day to day live on our planet, many things are a real mess with many forms of suffering and injustice. The Bible explains and provides answers for this reality, but nothing detracts from the undeniable evidence of design and it follows that where there is design, there is purpose. What will you do with this footage? Are you one click away from another website? Take a moment to watch this footage to gain some perspective – maybe there is a Creator God out there tapping you on the shoulder to lovingly get you attention?


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