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Jewish Feasts

History shows there have been many attempts to destroy God’s chosen people whether we go back to Pharaoh in Egypt or more recently with Hitler in Germany. The fact that the Jew’s still exist as a people group is nothing short of a miracle and amazing evidence for God’s existence! God has made unconditional promises to the Jewish people and although Satan has tried many times to prevent Bible prophecy from being fulfilled, God has kept (and is keeping) every promise! In recent times, as predicted in Scripture, Jews continue to flock back to their homeland of Israel even though her neighbours continue to plan their annihilation.

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This is a very interesting article concerning the dates of the coming four “blood moons” that will occur over the next two years. It could be of great significance that these “blood moons” occur during major feast days on the Jewish calendar. Recent history has shown that these circumstances has resulted in significant events happening in the land of Israel. It would be foolish to make predictions, but for those interested in Bible prophecy concerning the Jewish people, this is certainly something to keep an eye on!

Here is the article – Prophecy News: The Coming Four Blood Moons

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