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It is commonplace to hear accusations against Israel for the crime of “apartheid”. This is a highly emotive subject and many are simply too blinded by red mist to calmly reflect on this accusation in a rational way.

It is simply baffling to hear these accusations made against Israel whilst there is such a deafening silence on the Islamic countries that surround Israel who far better fit the description of “Apartheid” states! Where is the outrage towards Israel’s Islamic neighbours who deny citizenship, voting rights, women’s rights, education, job opportunities, etc. to millions of their own non-muslim population when Israel provides all of this and more to all citizens regardless of religion or ethnicity? Which Islamic country in the world provides the same level of freedom and provision to Jewish and Christian citizens to practice their religion that Muslims enjoy within the State of Israel? This idea that Israel is a “Apartheid” state is utterly absurd and can only be a tool for antisemitic propaganda.

The following links provides a comparison to the Apartheid in South Africa and a robust rebuttal to the accusation of Israeli “apartheid”:

FLAME – Israel: An Apartheid State?

HonestReporting – Apartheid: More Than Just A Word

Massada2000 – Accusing Israel of “Apartheid”


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