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One’s stance on homosexuality and other sexual orientation is often a divisive and emotive subject, particularly with the legalization of gay marriage in England recently. Everyone has an opinion – some applaud it as progressive while others appear judgmental and hateful.

As Christian’s, we should be grounded in Scripture and not led by societal trends. The media often portrays Christians as being hateful and intolerant which is often untrue. Surely in a tolerant society, it is OK to disagree over what constitutes moral conduct, or is a tolerant society one in which everyone is forced to agree with everyone else about everything?!

The Bible teaches that any sexual activity outside heterosexual marriage is sinful in Gods eyes. This includes sex before marriage, adultery and of course homosexuality and even looking lustfully at someone else. Based on this, EVERYONE is guilty of sexual sin in one way or another – we certainly do not claim that practising homosexuals are the only group of people guilty of deviating from God’s model of human relationship. The fact is that ALL need forgiveness from the sin that separates us from God.

It is a shame that some Christian isolate homosexuality as a particular serious form of sin. Where is the outcry over the epidemic of adultery we see around us? What about the way in which sex-before-marriage is actively encouraged as the norm to kids at school and a way of experimenting with sexual activity? What about the way in which the use of pornography is aggressively promoted and described as a normal expression of human sexuality. We must be reminded that it is NOT just the homosexual community that need the salvation of Jesus Christ – we ALL do. We live in a society that debases God standards of human relationships and we are all culpable.

Despite this, some suggest that a person’s stance on the homosexuality can be seen as a barometer of tolerance in our culture – this article offers some interesting thoughts on this topic…have a read – desiringGod: Why Homosexuality Is Not Like Other Sins.


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