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There is a growing push for pornography to be shown in classrooms! It is believed the current sex education leaves children vulnerable to misinformation and bad advice during puberty. This news article reports that as well as pornography being shown in schools to educate children, the “concept of fetish“, continuing with “A teacher can reasonably suggest that different people find different things arousing“. So where is the line drawn?!

Many think pornography is an appropriate way to express one’s sexuality without giving thought to any of the demeaning and disrespectful attitudes behind all the glamour. These are real people that are in many cases mistreated and trafficked against their will. It is a billion pound industry that is fueled by lust and when money is involved, serious money, people will do anything to get their share. Do we really want children to be drawn into this in our country!

Should this really be down to the schools to teach anyway? Surely, the majority of this responsibility, if not all, should be down to the parents/guardians to equip and teach their children as they develop. The reason we see sexual relations starting at a younger age is there is a loss of respect within the family, the stability is no longer there and younger people are disobedient to their parents. Clearly a sign of the times (2 Timothy 3:1-7)!

Not only this, a secular humanistic approach seems to be the philosophy behind this education where sex is very much an exploration of self centered and self serving passions where children are taught to follow and be led by our fallen sexual nature. The biblical approach is very different – sex in the bible is portrayed as not only a unique and special act of procreation, but ultimately a loving and symbolic picture of the union between Christ and his church – of two becoming one, a life long bond that should never be broken. Sex is therefore a god ordained act of giving and unity. This is in stark contrast to the secular approach of self satisfaction and following our own passions wherever they lead, an approach that permeates our culture. This will inevitably result in teenagers having many sexual partners as they navigate their way through, not only by their own lusts and desires, but also the sex driven media they are exposed to – this will result in much damage being done to young adults at the most vulnerable time of their sexual lives.

Last year the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) got involved and started a petition (flyer) to oppose school lessons in pornography. Although this petition finished November last year it is important to be mindful that there are organizations looking to generate awareness in this area and the dangers of it.

she’s somebody’s daughter is also a movement aiming to create awareness about the whole issues of pornography. It is based in America but their website and blog can still provide help:


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