The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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In the current Israel/Gaza conflict is was not long before the IDF found a network of tunnels leading many kilometers under Israel.

These tunnels have been worked on for a number of years and were presumably constructed with materials that should have been used for schools or hospitals – it seems terror tunnels take a higher priority!

As Christians, we know God is always in control and NOTHING takes Him by surprise. God has provided many ways to protect the people in His chosen land, watching the Iron Dome in action is a miracle in itself! But even during this conflict God’s miracles are at work with reports that God is changing the direction of rockets in mid-air or by providing a cloud of protection during an attack.

These miracles come as no surprise to Bible-believing Christians! But we know this conflict started because of the continual rocket fire into Israel from Hamas and the murder of 3 Israeli teenagers but is there also more too it?

When the IDF began work demolishing these terror tunnels it was discovered that something very big was planned. This year on Rosh Hashanah (New Year) Hamas was planning a huge terrorist attack – on 24th September they were going to use these tunnels to get into Jewish communities to kill or kidnap as many as possible!

If this latest conflict had not happened, Hamas’ plan could have resulted in another dreadful day in Jewish history! But God had other ideas, this conflict meant that more Jewish bloodshed has been thwarted.

The loss of life in any conflict is heart breaking but if we place our trust in the true Creator we know our eternal destination is never in doubt.

With this plan now foiled, Israel’s enemies will no doubt be hatching new schemes! We pray God will reveal and destroy all plans against Israel and the Jewish people.


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