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Barnabas FundWe often blog with dismay at the state of the denominational church in the UK and the alarming rate it compromises with virtually every ideological pressure exerted on it from society. Despite this, it hard to overstate what appears to be the systematic persecution of Patrick Sookhdeo and the Barnabas Fund by some within the church establishment and Christian charities. After a catalogue of trials and a smear campaign aimed at discrediting this convert from Islam, he has recently resigned from his work at Barnabas Fund despite faithfully devoting decades of service for this valuable work. The Barnabas Fund have released a written document defending him which outlines the situation – Hard Pressed on every Side – it is well worth looking at and quite frankly is a disturbing read.

We will say very little and leave you to make up your own minds – suffice to request you to pray for Patrick and his family and encourage you to support the work of Barnabas Fund. Having been saved from Islam, Patrick has sadly discovered there are elements within the Christian church who would give any persecutor of the Christian faith a good run for their money. We pray the Lord’s blessings on Patrick – may he be richly rewarded when he meets the Lord face to face on that day of glory!

Having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ. For it is better, if the will of God be so, that ye suffer for well doing, than for evil doing. (1 Peter 3:16-17)


3 Responses to The persecution of Patrick Sookhdeo by UK church establishment

  • For it is better…………………that ye suffer for well doing, than for evil doing
    Why do you assume that his suffering is purely from oppressors? He has been convicted of sexual assault and intimidation of witnesses by a court of law. His suffering is for evil doing!
    For what glory is it, if, when ye be buffeted for your faults, ye shall take it patiently?
    1 Pet 2.20
    You seem to have only heard from one side. I have set up a website with the intention of discussing the Sookhdeo case using the available evidence including, importantly, the words of the prosecution witnesses.
    The first post is “Patrick Sookhdeo’s Game of Trumps”.

    • Hi Alistair,
      You make a valid point with the Bible references you use. Our comments were more directed at events that happened in the years prior to this court case which seem to describe a systematic attempt to discredit and remove Patrick Sookhdeo from the charity he founded. This has been hugely damaging to the work of Barnabas Fund which is the most important point.
      We cannot comment on the conviction itself. As you point out, he has been convicted in a court of law, but it is also hard to completely discount the fact that the Barnabas Trustees continue to maintain his innocence – we simply don’t know…

      • Sadly, as you can see from my website, I am not sure at the moment what can be legally discussed online. I would say that your impression from the “Hard pressed..” document is the impression you are supposed to get, that’s why they wrote it.
        You are aware of the response by the EA to BF allegations?
        There is a lot of disagreement with Sookhdeo on a number of issues with resulting opposition but is that the same as conspiring against him?
        Sure there was an attempt, by the ex-trustees, to remove Sookhdeo but were they wrong to do so? They are in a legal battle with BF and you will not hear from them publicly so you have only heard from the winning side in the battle for control for the trust.
        As to the trustees who support him, taking an extreme view for a moment, you would surely have to concede that if you view it possible that a whole group of christians would conspire against him then it is also possible that a group would conspire WITH him? Conspiracies are possible on all sides. Certain people, for various reasons, are also easily manipulated.
        The BF document requires critical reading. The answers to these questions are to be found on pages 20 and 23 of the BF document. When came the allegation of racism concerning Robert DeBerry? When did DeBerry deliver his letter on behalf of the dissenting trustees?
        “Hard pressed..” for it’s credibility’s sake gives dates and names but separates, by pages, what may be joined together!

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