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Silhouettes of a man and an ape, what is your definition of evolution?

What is your definition of evolution? This is a good to ask someone who says they believe in evolution. It is a simple question, but many who do not understand the basics are led to believe a faulty definition that distorts what we observe in favour of the “molecules to man” hypothesis. This is explained in this short video:

We are inundated on TV, radio, newspapers where the definition of Darwinian evolution is promoted but the evidence given ONLY accounts for micro-evolution! This misinformation simply turns people away from God! It is important to correctly understand definitions and implications to be able to identify these fallacies and hopefully challenge others around us!

Our article Are the Bible and Science compatible? covers many reasons to believe that God is our Creator. Below is a good video where Mike disarms the common arguments of evolutionists today, also showing there is simply no evidence for Darwinian evolution:


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