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Pentecost is celebrated this Wednesday, 4th June this year, also known as Shavuot or the Feast of Weeks. It is the 4th feast in the Jewish calendar being between the 3 Spring feasts and 3 Autumn feasts.

This is the day that Christians recognise as Pentecost – ironically, Jews have been celebrating this very same day for much longer in the form of the Feast of Shavuot. In fact, the day that the Lord gave Moses the law in written form (instituting Shavuot) after the exodus in the same way the Lord gave believers the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. Just as the Lord gave the Israelites the law written on stone tablets in the form of 10 commandments to point them to Him, the Lord has now given us the law written on our hearts to point us to Him – there is NO contradiction between the two and they both work in beautiful harmony!
We cover more details about this feast in our article – The Biblical Feasts and Jesus Christ.

There is an element of mystery around this feast as it does not have a fixed date, for this and other reasons some see it symbolically as a type of rapture. This article by Prophecy in the News explains more – Pentecost: Festival of Mystery.

This day has certainly been significant in the past, with Jesus’ return drawing closer each day time will tell if it holds more significance in the future.


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