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Operation Protective Edge is now well underway with no end in sight, at least for now. Having rockets fired from Gaza into Israel is nothing new, but as this has intensified Israel has been forced to react to protect their civilians. Live updates on this operation show that over 500 rockets have hit Isreal with over 130 being intercepted in recent days. The IDF (Israel’s Defence Force) has targeted over 1220 terror targets.

Unlike the militants in Gaza, Israel is only targeting the rocket launchers and weapon caches to try to put an end to continual aggression against them. Unfortunately, with any conflict, innocent civilians are inevitably caught up and although the IDF pre-warn those in the area the number of Palestinians killed is over 100. Hamas’ tactics of using innocent civilians as human shields while the leaders themselves hideaway is not only unthinkably cowardly but also makes the IDF’s task in avoiding civilian deaths impossible! Read more details on Israel’s efforts to protect people in this article – Israel is doing its best to avoid civilian deaths. Hamas can’t say the same..

We need to be careful when reading/watching reports as there is a general bias against Israel in the mainstream media (as covered before here, here, and here). Checking in with the Honest Reporting website is recommended as they help expose this bias.

Whenever tensions rise around Israel we have to consider whether there is any prophetic significance.

Having 3 rockets fired into Israel from Lebanon certainly adds to the equation and brings Psalm 83 to mind. In addition to this, the dimension of these events happening within the blood moons may add to the significance of this period.
Only time will tell if these events are prophetic, if you would like to know more about Israel and it’s significance see our Why Israel? and Are we living in the end times? articles.

For now, we should be praying for this situation, obviously for peace but especially for all those innocent people caught up in this conflict both in Israel and Gaza.


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