The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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We all have a perspective, it gives us a point of view when approaching many subjects. This perspective is driven by our worldview that shapes the way we interpret information.

But if we allow our perspective to dictate what we see, how can we ever know if we are wrong? It takes a humble person to admit they are wrong, especially on a position they have held for sometime, even vigorously. Evidence is key to all our understanding but to honestly interpret any evidence we need to look at it from different perspectives otherwise we will be guilty of only taking one point of view.

Evidence for God and the Bible is a hotly debated subject! If God does exist you would expect Him to make this fact very clear to us – right? Well, maybe He has! But if you are allowing your perspective to cloud other other points of view then you could be missing out on something so simple that it has been in front of your eyes you’re whole life! Evidence of God’s existence is around us, from creation through to the amazing wonders in the universe and if this is not enough God has also give us Bible prophecy to make it even clearer!

This short video shows how easily our perspective can be lead and why we sometimes need to ask different questions when looking at evidence:


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