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Radiometric dating is often cited as the undeniable proof that the Biblical six-day creation is false. We hold the belief that the six-days as described in Genesis 1 are indeed literal 24-hour days. So how can this be possible when dating methods appear to proof otherwise?

It is important to recognise that dating methods have limitations and RELY on assumptions – the reality of these assumptions is often vastly understated. All dating methods depend on the decay of the radioactive elements occurring in a steady and unchanged rate for VAST amounts of time. We would argue that two significant events would have dramatically altered these rates: the fall of man and the flood of Noah. Both these catastrophic events would have dramatically changed the conditions of planet earth and significantly affected rates of decay, etc. But there are also other assumptions required by conventional dating methods that may be incorrect.

This short clip illustrates the assumptions made with radiometric dating:

Our Are the Bible and Science compatible? article looks further into the evidence we see and how it fits in with the Bible.


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