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Attitude to worship - Silhouette of person with hands up in front of a cross

Do you go to church every Sunday because that is what you’ve always done? Maybe you have a group of friends that you like to catch up with each week? We all go through the motions every Sunday to some degree but our attitude to worship is important, so do we still just go through the motions?

Worshipping God is all about the attitude of our heart! Many churches feel the need to have a loud band on a stage at the front – is your worship focused on the entertainment or on the cross of Calvary where Jesus died for us? God knows where our heart is, He knows whether we are praising Him or admiring the guitar playing! Do you go through worship waiting for the last song or taking the opportunity to direct praise to God?

Our lives are full of distractions but do they command more of our attention than God? TVs, cars, careers, phones, sports teams, etc. can lead us into a dangerous place if we take our eyes off Jesus for too long. True worship to God doesn’t only happen on Sundays, it happens every day! From the moment we get up to final prayers at night, Jesus deserves to be the focus and centre. He is the Creator of the world, does He not deserve to part of our daily lives? If you don’t worship God during the week, do you expect to just switch it on for church on Sunday?

There are many questions here because we should always be questioning ourselves – is God pleased with our worship or does our worship please us?

Charisma News has written a good post on this topic – God Recognizes False Worship When He Sees It—Do You? Ultimately it is our own choice how and when we choose to worship, but a time will come when we will all be kneeling before our judge Jesus Christ – what would He say to you about your worship?

I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting. (1 Timothy 2:8)


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