The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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The Bible is littered with revelations of the future which history has already demonstrated have been precisely fulfilled, particularly with Jesus Christ’s earthly ministry. There are many predictions concerning the conditions in the world just before Jesus’ return and this should interest anyone who cares about the current state of the world and what will happen when the present age reaches its conclusion – it will affect everyone!

John Angliss gave a great talk at St. Andrew’s Baptist Church, Upper Halliford where he explored some of the passages where an event is not predicted to happen UNTIL something else happens first – in other words, the prophetic ‘untils’. This is an excellent talk that also provides an overview of many factors concerning Biblical prophecy. We believe it should be obvious to anyone that the world to escalating towards some kind of climax and things cannot continue in their current unsustainable state. This talk is well worth listening to… (60 mins)


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