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What are evolutionists afraid of?The vast majority of the Western world blindly accepts evolution as “a fact” – although the term ‘evolution’ is so broad, people still accept it as a satisfactory reason to replace the possible existence of God. Evidence should always be sought after when accepting any claim but evolution appears to receive a special privilege where evidence is not required, as society longs for anything to remove God’s existence from their lives. Evolutionists themselves constantly push for the removal any reference to ‘creationism’ in our society. Why is this the case? What are evolutionists afraid of?

If the evidence for Darwinian evolution is so clear and proven then surely it can withstand any comparison to another viewpoint? In reality we see the opposite – for example, Richard Dawkins has passionately been trying to ban creation being taught in UK schools, with some success. The scientific approach should always be to objectively look at the evidence, not completely remove alternative views, especially when evidence for creation is so strong. It seems many prominent evolutionists are not comfortable with people, especially children, objectively looking the evidence and coming to their own conclusion – they instead prefer to brainwash kids with their religion…Darwinian evolution.

With this in mind, comments from a prominent atheist professor are pleasantly surprising! writes about Prof. Thomas Nagel’s essay “Public Education and Intelligent Design” in their article Prominent Atheist Professor of Law and Philosophy Thomas Nagel Calls Intelligent Design Scientific and Constitutional to “Mention” in Science Classes. Prof. Nagel says that it could be scientific to argue that DNA and life points to an intelligent designer and that noncommittal discussion about the issues should be had in the classroom. Although this is directed to the American education system it should be applied anywhere!

We live in an age where it takes courage for anyone in prominent positions to voice their opinion on intelligent design. Unfortunately, Prof. Nagel’s essay will probably only be received with opposition and objections – this only goes to show how protective evolutionists are about their beliefs! We pray that more eyes can be opened and hearts softened so open debates can happen where the evidence is objectively discussed.


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