The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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At the beginning of 2015 we blogged about the rise of radical Islam in Britain and referenced this with an article by Gatestone Institute which looked back at 2014 demonstrating how Islam is on the rise within our country.

We have seen Islamic ideology terrorizing parts of the Middle East and now rapidly heading through Europe, but it’s still shocking to see how much our country is becoming more Islamic without the majority of us being aware!

The Gatestone Institute have written another article – The Islamization of Britain in 2015. It shows Britain has the 3rd largest Muslim population in Europe with around 5.5%:

The Muslim population of Britain surpassed 3.5 million in 2015 to become around 5.5% of the overall population of 64 million, according to figures extrapolated from a recent study on the growth of the Muslim population in Europe. In real terms, Britain has the third-largest Muslim population in the European Union, after France, then Germany.

Although the figure has not grown considerably since 2014 it doesn’t show any sign of decreasing – in fact there’s likely to be a more visible increase with the recent refugee crisis.

The article categorizes these issues into five themes:

  1. Islamic extremism and the security implications of British jihadists in Syria and Iraq
  2. the continuing spread of Islamic Sharia law in Britain
  3. the sexual exploitation of British children by Muslim gangs
  4. Muslim integration into British society
  5. the failures of British multiculturalism

Many of us will not witness these trends in our everyday lives but they are real issues in Britain, and it’s increasing. We already live in a time where it’s impossible to point these facts out without being labelled ‘Islamophobic’. It is also vital to differentiate between radical Islamism and the majority of the moderate peaceful Muslims that represent no threat to society at all. However, the impact of Islamic extremism will continue to increase and the very real threats are a danger to our major cities.

Already this year ISIS have executed five ‘British spies’ while also threatening to bomb Britain. With the numerous attacks ISIS have carried out, only a fool would fail to take this seriously. There are already reports that they are plotting ‘to slaughter THOUSANDS’ in the West in a bid to provoke a huge ‘final battle’. Their ideology is war in order to gain control of the whole world.

So, will radical Islam continue to rise during 2016? Undoubtedly yes; we have to be realistic and pragmatic about what is happening although this doesn’t need to be a time for fear. Our government simply cannot guarantee our protection – our trust and focus should be directed to God – it’s a time to ensure we have a close relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. God is in control and we have to trust in Him! As we continue to say, and every Christian should know, prayer is our strongest weapon; it should be used every day to battle against the evil wickedness in this world and to armour ourselves with everything that God provides (Ephesians 6).

We cannot imagine the number of planned attacks that have already been foiled and we imagine a tiny proportion of these are reported in the media. Praying for our intelligence agencies is essential, so they have the wisdom and knowledge to prevent terrorist attacks. We continue to pray our leaders can escape the trap of political correctness that looks to suppress the ability to speak truthfully about the ideologies we face in this country.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. (Proverbs 1:7)

And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. (Matthew 10:28


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