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Simple detail that provides strong evidence for the death of Jesus

The gospel accounts of Jesus’ death and resurrection are dismissed by many as fiction, but some details don’t make sense if this was the case. One such detail is when blood AND water came out of Jesus’ side after His side was pierced:

But when they came to Jesus, and saw that he was dead already, they brake not his legs: But one of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith came there out blood and water. (John 19:33-34)

If someone was making this up why would they add water to the description? It’s only with our deeper medical understanding do we know that this is feasible,… Continue reading

What is real tolerance?

The beliefs of the Christian are exclusive and narrow, but this is the nature of truth – the truth is narrow and exclusive for everybody. Facts do not take accounts of our feeling! Christians are often labelled intolerant for saying Jesus is the ONLY way and the Christian faith is increasingly being labelled as oppressive simply because Jesus claims are at odds with the relativism of our secular culture.

Real tolerance is demonstrated in a way which means you can disagree with someone but still give them the right to be wrong, something which is unfortunately quite rarely on display. Social media can at times feel an oppressive environment with… Continue reading

The Atheist Delusion - a new film by Ray Comfort

Living Waters have released their latest film The Atheist Delusion. The synopsis of the film says, “Having to prove the existence of God to an atheist is like having to prove the existence of the sun, at noon on a clear day. Yet millions are embracing the foolishness of atheism.” Ray Comfort asks various atheists questions to show how they are denying the obvious!

This is a powerful and challenging film for any atheist, but also a great resource for Christians, as it provides a framework for those times we are defending our faith. The full film is below, we highly recommend watching it and sharing it with your friends:

John 3:16 - does it support 'once saved, always saved' doctrine?

One of the most recognized and memorized Bible verses in the world is John 3:16:

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

Many non-Christians will be familiar will this passage – however, its familiarity can lead to us missing things. The whole of John 3 is a fantastic summary of the gospel but there are assumptions in mainstream evangelical Christianity that are very dangerous. One of these is the ‘once saved, always saved’ doctrine that is promoted by many churches – this states that if you have made a profession… Continue reading

Does hell really last forever?

The Biblical doctrine of hell has been gradually swept under the carpet in recent years as the concept of an everlasting punishment becomes increasingly counter-cultural – this also applies within evangelical Christian circles. People ask – does hell really last forever? – but they are either silenced or ignored. This does huge damage to the gospel and presents a defiant move away from many of the teachings of Jesus Christ. The gospel is a message of love, forgiveness and mercy – an opportunity to be saved…but saved from what?! Many Christian’s fudge over the consequences of rejecting salvation through Jesus or completely deny the existence of hell and instead adopt… Continue reading

Has the story of Jesus changed over time?

Many claims are made to discredit the Bible or Christianity. One of the most common claims promotes the idea that the story of Jesus Christ is a myth – this is a lazy response that excuses people from having to get involved in a conversation about “religion” or God. Unfortunately, many Christians are not equipped to respond to statements like these and cannot challenge them.

The first response for Christians who face this claim is to simply ask what evidence there is to support it. Some don’t believe Jesus existed at all, others believe he was a real person but the account of His life was changed over time. Whatever… Continue reading

Are you ready for the Coming King?

How do you make sense of this crazy world?! Things are spiralling towards a terrifying climax, but we believe someone is coming to resolve the world’s problems – are you ready for the Coming King?

What is life all about? Why is the world so full of suffering? What happens when you die? There is clear evidence that shows God does exist and wants a relationship with you – click to read about the evidence!

What is your response to the prospect of the arrival of… Continue reading