The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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Mulberry’s tongue-on-cheek Christmas advert replaces Jesus Christ with a handbag. You can watch this yourself to form your own opinions but as the Western world becomes more secular each day should this surprise us?

The target audience for Mulberry products is clearly different from the average household, the majority cannot justify spending £900 on a bag (if anyone even can!), so how should we react?

As you would expect there are different reactions from Christian groups as the Premier article covers, including using it as a opportunity. Certainly, opportunities can be fashioned out of almost anything, especially at Christmas time, so our reaction should be speaking truthfully about the Nativity while being Kingdom focused in this sinful world.

The Nativity message is simple, God Himself came to earth in the person of Jesus Christ to die upon the cross as a payment for all our sins, the significance of this can never be understated. Our consumer-driven world doesn’t need an excuse to mock God, and the unbelieving world is more than happy to laugh as Satan pulls the strings of the worldly powers.

One thought does come to mind – if a similar tongue-in-cheek advert was done involving Mohammad around an Islamic festival – what would the response be? Whilst we accept that an advert like this presents a ‘witnessing’ opportunity, we feel a little uncomfortable celebrating anything that trivializes the life of the world’s Saviour, Jesus Christ, in this way.


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