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Dark clouds ahead, September and October 2015 - an assessment

In Bible Prophecy circles, there was much hype and anticipation in the lead up to this period due to events such as the Shemitah and the final blood moon of the tetrad. Whilst we stressed that it was foolish to make specific predictions, we advised Christians to keep an eye on world events during this period – looking back, have we learned anything in relation to Bible prophecy?

We would argue that recent months have been very significant and that there has been an undeniable acceleration of end time indicators:

  1. It was said that the tetrad of blood moons pointed to ominous times for Israel – it is impossible to deny that the situation in Israel has become more serious than ever. As we have recently blogged, the Jewish people are under sustained attack from outside their borders and within. These attacks come from both the sword and the pen and have intensified in a way that has to be reaching a dangerous climax that will affect everyone. Whether this is linked to the blood moons or not is impossible to say – nonetheless, it is a remarkable coincidence!
  2. Russia has become heavily involved in Middle East activity in recent weeks and in ways which could have huge implications for Israel soon – interestingly, this also started around the time of the final blood moon. President Putin, who is working closely with Syrian leader Bashir Al-Asaad and the Iranian government, has increased military action in the region which hugely aligns political powers with end times events laid out in Ezekial 38/39. The recent downing of the Russian airliner which seems to be an attack by Islamic militant groups will only drag Russia further into the affairs of the Middle East region as Bible passages speaking of end times leap off the page to grab our attention!
  3. The Pope has been very prominent during in the last few months with appearances at the UN, the US and other high profile meetings. Again, few could deny that there has been a concerted push towards ecumenism with the Roman Catholic church leading the way. The Pope has made some very bold comments on the Christian faith which are undoubtedly leading people away from the true gospel of Jesus Christ – in other words, he is leading people to hell. Although this has always been the case, the audience appears to be widening to includes other faiths and he has even indicated that it is possible to be welcomed into heaven without believing in God at all. He appears to be intensifying his attempts to accommodate everyone with this pseudo-Christianity which is in stark contrast to the ‘narrow road’ to salvation that Jesus spoke of! The process of preparing the population for a global false religion has been taking shape for years but has certainly gained momentum recently with these high profile appearances accompanied with increased media interest.
  4. A massive financial collapse or similar catastrophe did not occur on the Shemtiah (13th Sept 2015) as had been the case on other occasions. Despite this, there is no question that the world economy is teetering on the edge of disaster – it can only be a matter of time before something breaks and the world finds itself looking for any leader who promises to fix it. If this was accompanied by amazing signs and wonders, the world (and the mainstream church) would desperately sign along the dotted line without any hesitation. Watch for a 7-year treaty with the state of Israel!
  5. The rise of Islam has become more aggressive than ever – whether we look at the violence in the Middle East or the spread of fanatical Islam elsewhere, this is undoubtedly spreading dangerously across Europe and being aided by the ‘refugee crisis’. At the time of writing, Europe has been stunned by the coordinated massacres across Paris which is the latest in a number of attacks IS have claimed responsibility for. We fear this is the first of future major attacks by fanatical Islamist’s who are waiting patiently in European cities for instructions to attack. With the combination of western nations become dragged into the affairs of the Middle East and the rising danger of attack in our cities, this is something that will increasingly affect us all.

It is clear to us that this Autumn period has resulted in a concerted gallop towards the conditions that Bible Prophecy speaks of in the end times. We feel it is unwise to directly link this to any particular date or cosmic event, but it would not surprise if it turned out there was a direct connection that we are presently unaware of.

What we can confidently say is that there has never been more evidence that Bible Prophecy should be taken seriously and that the authority of the Bible remains firmly intact. Many of these prophecies were written thousands of years ago – it is inconceivable that these writers could have guessed their way to so much precision in an unguided manner. Given the Bible has demonstrated its accuracy in so many ways, only a fool would ignore and dismiss the warnings of the coming judgment day. If in doubt, hold the Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other – we are quite sure you will find the Bible perfectly outlines the perilous and hopeless state of the world and humanity. Salvation is available through the Jesus Christ of the gospels – please don’t leave it too late!


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