The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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Dinosaur coexisting with man fitting with Biblical creation

Dinosaurs are probably the most common tool used by evolutionists to demonstrate the long-age paradigm of the earth and to discredit the Biblical account of creation. They are a very powerful weapon due to the way dinosaurs captivate the minds of kids and adults alike – they are prominent in films, leisure parks and many other forms of entertainment. We would be very surprised to hear of any mainstream media that does not promote the idea the dinosaurs existed many hundreds of millions of years in the past before dying out 65 million years ago. You would imagine this is proven beyond any doubt given the deeply entrenched certainty that… Continue reading

Our trip to Israel

At the beginning of May we went on a pilgrimage to Israel. This was our third time visiting the Holy Land and we pray for many more because it is such a special place. Not only is there so much Biblical history there but the stage is ready for numerous future Bible prophecies that will happen in an around Israel. Experiencing the land for yourself provides a completely new dimension when reading His Word and helps visualize places with extra context that brings the passages to life.

4 nights in Jerusalem staying at Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, then 5 nights in Tiberias staying at the Ron Beach Hotel.… Continue reading

This week, social media has been dominated by the witch-hunt of a ‘trophy’ hunter who brutally killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe. We cannot begin to understand this industry and fathom why tourists can take such pleasure in the cruel and pointless slaughter of these precious animals.

However, as is often the case, we are astonished at the double standards displayed when stories like this hit the news. It is right that there should be outrage at ‘trophy hunting’ in general as many thousands of animals lose their lives to this abhorrent ‘sport’ each year. Despite this, we fail to see why this particular lion is more valuable than all… Continue reading

The blog title could appear to be an endorsement of actions that pollute our world – this is not the case. Let us stress that mankind is commanded to be responsible stewards of our environment both at a local and worldwide level. There is no excuse for polluting and plundering the world of its resources and robbing it of the majestic beauty it was created with. However, the fact remains that we cannot save it – no matter what action we take, the Bible clearly predicts worldwide environmental carnage in the end times. We should do all we can to prevent this and certainly not be either active or passive… Continue reading

There have been reports of weird noises from around the world for some years now that remain unexplained. As you can hear from the footage in this article from the Mail Online these alarming noises are very loud and have been described as trumpets or brass instruments from an orchestra.

The article does list a number of possible theories including tectonic plates grinding and atmospheric pressure, then lastly this one…

The Apocalypse and the Seven Trumpets of Heaven – Seven trumpets are sounded, one at a time, to cue apocalyptic events that were seen in the vision of the Revelation of Christ Jesus, by John of Patmos. Somewhat more worrying… Continue reading

As we enter a new year, we can begin with renewed hopes and good intentions as we start afresh for another year. Many of our resolutions will naturally fade after a couple of months (if they even last that long!) but some we are able to sustain and keep going as long as our will-power allows. However, there is one sell-out gift this Christmas we pray dies out very quickly – the Ouija board!

Following on from a Hollywood film it seems these boards have been a very popular gift – Wicked ‘Supernatural’ Gift Among 2014’s Christmas Sell-Out Items. Unfortunately, these hideous tools are one of many methods used… Continue reading

Our lives often seem to be an ongoing struggle, from personal tragedies and societal hardship to witnessing the moral decline in society that is rapidly advancing. With all the suffering on display and amid worldwide chaos, can there really be a God of love? We all want to believe in a God of love but at times this feels more like wishful thinking. To the non-Christian is it very difficult to believe there is a creator that loves us with so many things going so wrong for so many people.

We have written a new article – Is our Creator a God of love? – to examine how scripture helps… Continue reading