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Crop circles in a field - is it a sign of the end times?

Crop circles may seem like a very unlikely subject of a blog on a website committed to the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ in these end times. However, this is a phenomenon we don’t feel we can ignore as they appear to be impossible to explain and we believe they may be connected to the signs of the end times. Not only do crop circles seemingly appear in a very short duration of time, but they are also incredibly intricate and complex. Many of them are stunning in appearance and are completed in the perfect arrangement within hours which would appear to rule out any possibility of being man-made. Their appearance has increased in frequency in the UK and Wiltshire, in particular, seems to be a hot-spot with approximately 90% of the world’s crop circles appearing in this English county.

While there have been many attempts to counterfeit crop circles, it is easy to tell the difference between fakes and the real thing. Any internet search will reveal huge crop circles that we believe are impossible to explain naturally and we believe it is inconceivable that they are all man-made.

Here are a few examples although many hundreds could have been used.

Have a look at the amazing crop circle that appeared a few weeks ago (photos: Ansty, Nr Salisbury, Wiltshire):

This breathtaking crop circle appeared in Wiltshire in 2012 (photos: Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire):

It’s 159ft from the centre to the furthest part of the cube, excluding the outside ring. It has a distinct flow, with the triangular parts showing examples of multi-layering, where the crop appears to sit well above the ground as a result of swathes of stems laying beneath the surface. The majority of inner triangles are not accessible on the ground, sealed by a wall of standing crop, with no damage or evidence that anyone has walked through. There are narrow, straight pathways only a few inches wide that which criss-cross, parallel to the edges of the cube.

This crop circle is equally staggering (photos: Milk Hill, Wiltshire):

This crop circle, noticed on Milk Hill in Wiltshire (Southern England) on August 13, 2001 is being hailed as the most awesome ever made. It is composed of 409 individual circles in a spiral pattern. Appropriately, it was found in the heart of crop circle country in the United Kingdom.
The sheer size and complexity of this formation is amazing. It has been estimated that would-be hoaxers would have had to make one circle every 30 seconds during the night time hours in order to create this design! Furthermore, the field in which the design was created is not flat, but consists of small, undulating hills, making it virtually impossible for someone to lay out and create an accurate design without being noticed.


It is obvious to us that there is no natural explanation for these crop circles and given that there is no mention of them in Scripture we suspect that they are manifestations of demonic activity. The Bible warns of increased supernatural activity in the days leading up to Christ’s return and we suggest that this is just one of many indicators that we are in the end times. Scripture states that in the days immediately prior to Christ’s return, many will be lead astray by “signs and wonders”:

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. (Matthew 24:24, emphasis added)

Whilst we do not claim that crop circles are clear evidence of these “signs and wonders”, we do believe they could be one part of the jigsaw that causes many to have a dangerous fascination with the occult and deceptive spiritual forces. We believe it is very important to be aware of this type of thing as the mainstream media often choose to ignore strange events that defy human explanation – Christians need to stay informed and keep on guard. Whilst UFO sightings and crop circles need not be top priorities for the Christian, it certainly does no harm to have an awareness and keep up-to-date with these wonders.

Our Are we living in the end times? article has more signs to watch for.


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