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The Jewish new year, 5775 in the Jewish calendar, starts this year at sundown on September 24th and is the first of the 2014 fall feasts. We cover more details in our Biblical Feasts article and Chabad – What is Rosh Hashanah? has more information.

Compared to the last few months the year is ending relatively peacefully, but is has been a very turbulent 3 months! Over 4000 rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza during this time. In Europe, we have also seen a significant rise of antisemitism to worse levels since Nazi Germany.

So what will the new year bring? It is difficult to say, but scripture is clearly predicting that things are going to get much worse before they get better! We know that one terror attack against the Jewish people planned for Rosh Hashanah was averted but we need to pray no new plans are being hatched! In the Middle East IS is gaining ground rapidly, getting ever closer to Israel, they will show no pity for the Jewish people if they get into striking distance.

Year 5775 is also a Shmita, or sabbatical year, during which time Jewish farmers are required to let their fallow under Jewish law. The government has approved a 100 million shekel budget to help farmers prepare. Leviticus 25:3-6 details this commandment in the Torah, it is a time for the Jewish people to put their trust in God, as Scripture goes on to say in Leviticus 25:21-22 that they will be richly blessed if they follow God’s commands. The Shmita year is also a time to study the Bible and focus on their spiritual life.

In troublesome times for the Jewish community, we wish a joyful New Year and pray they can enjoy their celebrations peacefully. We also pray that they can be blessed with the understanding that their Messiah, Jesus Christ, has already come and died upon the cross for all our sins as the prophecies showed. The only true peace we can know in this world is in a personal relationship with God Himself which is only available through Jesus Christ.
Shanah tovah.


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