The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Sermon: Are you ready for your Savior this Christmas?

On the 23rd December, Danny was the preacher at St Andrew’s Baptist Church. In this sermon, he explored the nativity accounts through the perspective of Mary and Joseph we here considers why God chose them for their amazing roles in the birth of Jesus.

He also addresses another baffling feature of the nativities: that the religious experts of the day directed the wise men to Bethlehem to see find Jesus, but couldn’t be bothered to travel there themselves! This has to be one of the most disturbing features of the nativity accounts. Danny makes the case that the mixed reaction to the arrival of Jesus at His first coming will… Continue reading

Do you want Jesus?

Do you want Jesus? It’s a simple question that is often misunderstood as some feel-good experience that will change our lives. It is a dark world we live in that is getting bleaker by the day but there is a light in this darkness. There is a truth amongst the lies that offers eternal hope, do you want it? True belief in Jesus Christ doesn’t mean your problems will go away, it means God is there with you through those hard times. It’s not a feel-good experience but a relationship with our Creator who we will all meet face to face one day. Make today the day you turn to… Continue reading

Sermon: The Fence and the Well

Danny was recently the preacher at St Andrew’s Baptist Church where he went through Acts 17. He took a look at how Paul adjusted his message to meet his audiences ‘gap in knowledge’ whilst never compromising on the gospel. Any analogy of a fence and a well was used to describe how different believers approach their faith – there are pros and cons with both and a mixture of the two are the ideal balance for a healthy spiritual walk.

BTW – are you are Gutenberger or a Googler?!

Feel free to listen via the link below to unpack all the above – hope it is a blessing: