The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)
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Sermons by Danny and Steve

The following are sermons we given by either Danny or Steve:

Be alert and of sober mind

Delivered on 5th July 2020 by Steve (blog).

The Affliction of Job

Delivered on 14th June 2020 by Danny (blog).

God’s plans will not be stopped

Delivered on 10th May 2020 by Steve (blog).

Whose testimony should we share?

Delivered on 22nd March 2020 by Steve (blog).

A Christian Antidote to Turmoil

Delivered on 16th March 2020 by Danny (blog, blog).

A Peak Inside The Throne-room

Delivered on 24th November 2019 by Danny (blog).

Psalm 143 – A Morning Prayer

Delivered on 3rd November 2019 by Steve (blog).

The Wheat and the Tares

Delivered on 22nd September 2019 by Danny (blog).

Do we follow Paul’s example?

Delivered on 14th July 2019 by Steve (blog).

The Proverbs 31 Bride – A Call to Readiness

Delivered on 23rd June 2019 by Danny (blog).

Three Quick Lessons from King David

Delivered on 24th March 2019 by Danny (blog).

Are you ready for your Savior this Christmas?

Delivered on 23rd December 2018 by Danny (blog).

The Fence and the Well

Delivered on 25th November 2018 by Danny (blog).

A Letter to the Model Church

Delivered on 19th August 2018 by Danny (blog).


Delivered on 22nd July 2018 by Danny (blog).

Let’s Be Reasonable this Easter!

Delivered on 1st April 2018 by Danny (blog).

Lessons from the History of God’s People

Delivered on 13th August 2017 by Danny (blog).

Permitted, but not beneficial

Delivered on 3rd September 2017 by Danny (blog).

Righteousness, Self-Control and Judgment to Come

Delivered on 18th June 2017 by Danny (blog).

Prepared as a Bride

Delivered on 1st January 2017 by Danny (blog).

Below are sermons from others that we have shared:

Throw off Everything that Hinders

Delivered on 12th January 2020 by Richard Bamford (blog):

Touching the Untouchables

Delivered on 16th June 2019 by Tim Wood (blog):

Faith Under Fire

Delivered on 16th September 2018 by Chris Prater (blog):

Entering God’s Kingdom

Delivered on 18th March 2018 by Chris Prater (blog):

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever

Delivered on 25th October 2014 by Mike Barnard (blog):

Are You Ready?

Delivered on 20th October 2013 by Mike Barnard (blog):