The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Truth - does anyone really want the truth?

We live at a time where the concept of ‘truth’ has been attacked and undermined with political correctness and the pretence of ‘tolerance’. Black and white values are no longer permitted – society prefers everything to be a shade of grey. The idea that something is ‘true’ is usually ridiculed as being narrow-minded and bigoted and this is never more the case than with religious belief. Even when two ideas are mutually exclusive (e.g. Islam saying God has no son versus Christian’s saying Jesus is God’s Son), we are forced to accept there is ‘some’ truth in both – this is clearly absurd as either one is true whilst the… Continue reading

Barnabas FundWe often blog with dismay at the state of the denominational church in the UK and the alarming rate it compromises with virtually every ideological pressure exerted on it from society. Despite this, it hard to overstate what appears to be the systematic persecution of Patrick Sookhdeo and the Barnabas Fund by some within the church establishment and Christian charities. After a catalogue of trials and a smear campaign aimed at discrediting this convert from Islam, he has recently resigned from his work at Barnabas Fund despite faithfully devoting decades of service for this valuable work. The Barnabas Fund have released a written document defending him which outlines the situation… Continue reading

Hands raised worshiping in church?

Church worship is one of the most intimate acts that exist between the Christian and the Lord God. We’ve all heard of dour and cold churches where the ‘singing’ of hymns sounds more like a funeral service than the heartfelt praise and adoration to our Creator – however, the reverse of this is also a serious problem…something this blogger describes as “performancism”. He goes on to outline this as being a pretence of worship with, “The worship leader as the performer. The congregation as the audience. The sanctuary as the concert hall.” This is a serious issue and something every Christian should be on guard against and it is… Continue reading

When the evidence is honestly evaluated, the only logical conclusion is that the ultimate source of morality has to be God. Debating the source of Good and Evil provides a difficult philosophical challenge for atheists and they will offer a number of possibilities for its existence including: evolution, reason, conscience, human nature, utilitarianism. However, as the video below explains, none of these are able to give a complete explanation – only God does! The video is worth watching…